Before the Nordmann trees are packed and loaded the tree stub is cleaned and they are netted by hand. The trees are marked with a label according to their height and quality class. It is possible to have the trees marked with your own personal label. Please contact us regarding personal labelling options. The trees are delivered on pallets, sized W1160 × L1900 mm x H2400 mm, and trees of different grades and sizes may be packed on the same pallet, depending on customer requirements. One truck can transport 10 Pallets (W1160 × L1900 mm x H2400 mm). Please notice you will need equipment (Forklift truck) to unload the pallets from the truck at your destination. Of course it is also possible to pick up the trees yourself.

This is estimate of the number of Nordmann trees of a given size that can fit on one pallet:



100 to 125 cm approximately 200 PCS. Pr. Pallet

125 to 150 cm approximately 160 PCS. Pr. Pallet

150 to 175 cm approximately 130 PCS. Pr. Pallet

175 to 200 cm approximately 100 PCS. Pr. Pallet

200 to 250 cm approximately 75 PCS. Pr. Pallet

It is also possible to have the trees packed loose on a truck to save the cost of the pallet, but it is more time consuming. Please contact us for further details.




Our customers are welcome to organise their own transport, but we are also happy to organise transportation through our trusted network of professional forwarding agencies. You are always welcome to ask for a transportation estimate to your destination. If you prefer to arrange your own transport you will receive instructions with further information.





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