It takes time and care to grow quality Nordmann fir



Nordmann fir

The Nordmann trees’ slow growth allows it to have a smooth conical shape and flexible and resistant needles that are more long-lasting at room temperature. The Nordmann is biodegradable, which allows for safe organic disposal in compost. All of our Nordmann trees are grown on agricultural land. No natural forest has been cut down in order to grow the trees. A Nordmann fir will reach the height of 180 cm. in approximately 7-10 years. All our trees, around 100.000 at any one time, are grown from specially selected seeds to ensure the highest quality. Selecting the right seeds is just the first step of cultivating a Nordmann fir: it is a constant ongoing effort that involves experienced tending in the form of cleaning, special pruning, height and width control. During the life span of a Nordmann tree from our farm, it is treated and tended manually 7 times minimum before it is cut and sold.


We provide Nordmann trees (Abies normanniana) of different sizes and in three quality classes. Our Nordmann trees are graded in accordance with the European grading system, with a label colour for quality / height. Please contact us regarding the possibility of having the trees custom labelled. The height of the tree is measured from ground to the upper half of the last crown. Nordmann trees over 250 cm are delivered on request please enquire.

Prima Quality:
Extra solid and dense tree with symmetrical branches evenly distributed.


Standard Quality:
A less dense character tree with symmetrical branches.


Freeland Quality:
A less symmetrical tree with a greater number of imperfections.


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We also deliver cut greenery Nobilis (Abies procera), Nordmann, Cypresse. Please contact us for more information. 





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